Testimonial with Steve

The concentrate that I tried and am reviewing is the East Coast Sour Diesel. I picked the ECSD because it had the highest concentration of terpenes and figured it would only be fair to pick what I presumed was the highest quality product from FarmaceuticalRx in stock at the time.

The overall presentation looks very nice. The packaging is straightforward and easy to figure out. One piece of tamper evident tape releases a drawer that contains an opaque white glass jar of concentrate which gives a strong high-quality vibe. When I opened my half gram, the first thing I noticed was the pungent aroma that filled the room. It was stronger than what I had previously noticed in other concentrates and made me excited to get to taste it. It had a very strong pleasant odor of diesel. The concentrate itself looked pretty good but lacked the vibrant color seen in other concentrates. The concentrate was a bubbly glob, that was a dull amber color. The texture was consistent, and I found the concentrate very easy to handle and manipulate. I was still excited to get a taste of this concentrate and feel its effects. The taste was not what I expected from the aroma. It tasted mildly earthy with a hint of diesel and all in all, it wasn’t as flavorful as I would expect from a live resin, especially one with a pungent odor like this one.

When the effects set in, I was pleased. It definitely had a good body feel that was very relaxing and left me clear minded. It seemed like the first dose hit harder than the following doses. I found myself redosing roughly every two to three hours, which is about what I get out of other concentrates.

I would rate this higher than Terrapin’s Double Bear concentrates, but it doesn’t really meet the standard set by Prime in my honest opinion. FarmaceuticalRx prides themselves on organic cannabis grown in living soil, but I fail to see how that affects their final product in a substantial way, especially when all cannabis products in PA are held to such strict testing standards. I feel like the end products are pretty much the same when it comes to any kind of contaminants that may be caused by non-organic grows. I think that $58 for half a gram is a very steep price to pay when Prime produces concentrates that are, in my opinion, top quality, for almost half the price. I definitely think FarmaceuticalRx produces quality products, but I don’t think I would ever pay those prices when there are other quality products at a substantially lower price. Other than the price point, I would say I’m pretty satisfied with this product.