Testimonial with Marissa

We are happy to present a tremendously motivating Testimonial Tuesday from another one of our very own patients, Marissa. Marissa is a regular patient of ours here at Cure, and her story is extremely relate-able and inspiring. We thank Marissa for being so open and willing to share her story. Be sure to grab those tissues…this one may bring a team to your eye. Marissa, we wish you continued success with Medical Cannabis products and are so grateful for having you as a patient!

“Hello, my name is Marissa and I am a PA Medical Cannabis patient. I am 25 years old and was diagnosed with PTSD a couple of years ago after my depression and anxiety began to consume my life. I struggled with depression since I was a young child due to trauma and being bullied for being significantly overweight.

I grew up in a happy home which I am grateful for, however depression was a taboo subject in my household and I wasn’t able to seek the help or guidance I was needing. I moved out of my home before graduating high school and landed into a 4-year long abusive relationship. During these 4 years, I moved across the country twice before calling Pennsylvania my home. Every time I moved I prayed for new beginnings and fantasized about how happy my life could be, however starting my life over again and again began to take a toll on me.

At this point in my life I felt stuck in my abusive relationship and had no sense of self. I was verbally abused on an hourly basis. If I chose to eat something my partner didn’t approve of, it was smacked out of my hands; if I went to work to support both of us I was accused of cheating because no one would actually pay me for my hard work and using my brain. After a much needed wake up call, I left the relationship and paid my ex-boyfriend to get out of my life.

The new found freedom was a breath of fresh air, but I was left feeling angry and regretful of how I allowed myself to be manipulated and treated poorly for so long. After a few months I began to go out again, make friends and enjoy the life that I had dreamed about (you know, a normal one.) I began a new relationship with a supportive, kind and loving partner and we started a home together with our 3 dogs. Although my heart was so unbelievably happy, I was hurting so much mentally. I’d wake up regularly crying with suicidal thoughts, I didn’t feel deserving of my new found happiness. I had paranoia to leave my house in case I’d run into my ex. I didn’t want to talk to anyone in fear that their intentions were to hurt me. I’d wake up with night terrors, slept whenever I shouldn’t have been and wasn’t able to sleep when I needed to. I began to seek help.

After visiting my family doctor for the first time, they wanted to start me on anti-depressants. I felt uncomfortable with the idea and the deal breaker was when my doctor brought out a novel of a form to sign and notified me of “black box warnings.” The warnings indicate that anyone under the age of 25 might have an increased suicidal thoughts or actions while taking this medicine. I picked up the medicine anyways but once I got home I threw it away. I knew in my heart that it would be irresponsible for me to take them and decided to go the natural route.

I found Dr. Roman at Nature’s Way Medicine in Philadelphia and booked my first appointment. He listened to my struggles and informed me of the benefits of medical cannabis. There was so much relief when I was approved as a PA Medical Cannabis patient. I began to eat healthier, exercise regularly and began therapy.

Once CURE opened in Lancaster, I finally began to manage my life. I have been experimenting with cannabis concentrates and have found some strains that really help me. I am a big fan of the concentrates by Moxie and Cresco. I have found that my body responds really well to indica dominate strains when I have anxiety, such as 707 Headband and OG18. When my depression decides to make a visit, I like to stick with something uplifting like Tangie (hybrid) by Moxie.

Since starting the program I feel like I have myself back and am focusing my time on helping others. I am so grateful to have found a solution that has done nothing but bring positivity and joy to my life without hurting my morals. I wish for everyone out in the world struggling to find peace, happiness and relief.

Thank you,
Marissa Maury”