Testimonial with Kat

This was my third experience with concentrates. My previous choices were Prime Wellness Afghan Double Chunk live resin and a Prime Wellness Passion Fruit Pie shatter. This time around I went with Strawberry Fields live sugar from FarmaceuticalRx. I chose to use the Yocan Evolve as it was less hassle than my Nectar Collector and I could use this indoors. The consistency of the sugar was nice, as before I had a live resin and shatter. I find the resins and sugar easier to deal with than shatters for a Yocan. The first hit was even and smooth, with a definite berry taste, but not so sweet. It also has a bit of earthiness to it too. Strawberry Fields is listed as an indica. Strawberry Cough crossed with an undisclosed indica was the best lineage I could find for this strain. I searched the internet far and wide for a more definitive lineage.

This was the first time I have come across a lineage with an undisclosed strain. I did not feel that this was an indica in any way. The heady, medicated feeling was the first thing I noticed, but it did nothing for relaxation or pain relief. Usually an indica will have me relaxed and feeling good in no time. Strawberry fields did not have this effect. My mind was racy and I had hard time relaxing through a movie. It did not however have the same effects as a sativa would have, causing anxiety or a racing heart. I have a hard time with some high-THC sativas, as they exasperate my anxiety. With the Afghan double chunk, I felt immediate body relaxation, followed by a tranquil sleep. The Passion fruit pie was more uplifting, but with a calming come down. I tend to do well with a hybrid, as I don’t want to be knocked out. I would not recommend this an
indica, but as something for maybe daytime use. The other thing I noticed was that the effects were very short lived. Not even twenty minutes later I was finding myself ready to medicate again. With my experience using the Afghan double chunk, I used a very little bit and it went a long way. Shortly after vaping the double Afghan chunk, I was asleep for at least a few hours.

As a patient, I kind of have to have faith in the grower/processor to label their product efficiently. The THC potency for this was 83.94% with the top terpenes being terpinolene at 0.73% and caryophyllene at 0.48 %, so I am not entirely sure where the indica designation is coming from. For the price point, I would not honestly purchase this again. You can get one whole gram of Prime for maybe ten dollars more. I found both of my experiences with Prime and their concentrates to be much more enjoyable than my experience with FarmaceuticalRx.

I understand that the process might be more involved, but it is not affordable. Most patients are on a fixed income and do not have the extra money to spend on the product. I can completely empathize with that. If you can get a comparable product for less money, why pay extra? Overall I cannot say that it was a bad product, just not worth $58 for 0.5 grams.