Testimonial with Bridget

Hello! My name is Bridget. You may know me from Cure Pennsylvania, I am both a medical cannabis patient as well as a Patient Consultant here at our Lancaster and Phoenixville locations. I’ve been a Medical Cannabis patient since March of 2018. Since then, I began incorporating a lot more CBD dominant medications into my life.

I was beyond excited to hear Standard Farms would be launching 10:1 CBD:THC products. I began trying both the 10:1 capsules, and the 10:1 tincture. In the morning, I have been taking two capsules as well as .50ml of the 10:1 tincture. I could rant about how well these have worked for me all day long! I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and Colitis at the age of 13, and have been on almost every pharmaceutical medication made for it.

Before starting these capsules, I was taking Tylenol daily for pain. After just three days of taking the capsules, I have not needed any Tylenol. Amazingly, I have also been able to discontinue a medication called Humira. Not only was this giving me horrible side effects, but I would become immune to it after several months and my Crohn’s/Colitis symptoms would return. I have not taken this medication in over a month, and have remained in remission. What’s also great is that there is no psycho-activity what so ever. This means I can take them in the morning and go about my day.

I want to give my ultimate thanks to Standard Farms for creating such a wonderful product. I hope my story can inspire others with similar conditions, and receive the same benefits I have from these products!