Testimonial Tuesday with Tony

Strawberry Fields live sugar from FarmaceuticalRx was a potent indica hitting strain. With genetics of one famous parent Strawberry Cough, a sweet uplifting sativa that itself has unknown origins, and unknown indica parent, we are given the very famous Strawberry Fields. Some of the best strains in the world have the most mysterious genetics and Strawberry Fields is no exception. Upon first opening the golden resinous crystal-like sugar shimmered in the light and berry scent overwhelmed me.

Boasting a THC content of 11.142% and a THCa content of 83.01%, FarmaceuticalRx goes a step further to be more accurate with its patients. Due to the structural difference between THCa and THC there is a .877 conversion ratio between the THCa content vaporized into THC and happily accepted by our endocannabinoid systems. They list a total THC content of 83.94% based on this fact. This is true amongst all cannabis products however most companies would rather take advantage of technicality and post the higher values.

This strain also bears a high terpene profile for a strain of such high potency; often potency is sacrificed for terpenes or terpenes are sacrificed to produce a higher potency. Going into specifics about the profile for Strawberry Fields we see a leading 0.73% Terpinolene content. Terpinolene considered one of the rarest primary terpenes in cannabis, rarely ever leads for strains in nature. However, given the mysterious genetics of this strain and how long it has been a staple in the world of cannabis it is no surprise it would have a very unique terpene profile. Not only is this terpene rare but it is medically very beneficial for numbers of reasons. Terpinolene can be very therapeutic and calming. Depending on the background terpenes it can either calm or uplift, but either way it will carry you. Most times it is calming and especially in the case of this indica Strawberry Fields. Terpinolene is one of the major compounds in sage which some people burn to produce calming therapeutic effects. This terpene is most likely responsible for the citrus floral burst upon first opening. As stated before, terpinolene will lean whichever way the other terpenes lean, in this case it is followed up with a 0.48% of Caryophyllene which is a direct sedative terpene that is going to make that terpinolene lean heavily calming. Terpinolene is considered rare, but caryophyllene is the direct opposite in that it is the most common terpene. Which makes sense because caryophyllene is a sedative terpene that gives most strains that heavy vibe, not to be confused with the more gripping myrcene which is not heavily present in this strain (0.06%). This means that you will get some relaxing calming effects from this strain without being totally glued to the couch. Most of the other background terpenes are considered sedative and or calming, making this strain the perfect transition from work to relaxation. Low contents of Humulene (0.15%) & Linalool (0.08%) add a calming floral undertone to the otherwise fruity tasting and smelling resin. This resin’s quality speaks for itself as it compares to the quality of the western US resin, which is 10 years ahead of our program. This long lasting and potent strain will leave you in strawberry fields, forever.