Testimonial Tuesday with Ryan

This week, we are happy to share a Medical Marijuana success story for back pain and Nephropathy. One of our patients, Ryan, has been having severe chronic pain in his left thigh. He recently obtained his PA Medical Marijuana card, and since then has had great success using various dry leaf and vaporization cartridges and pain creams.

I’ve been using the Cresco Extra Strength Pain Cream, Cresco Vape Carts (Chocolope; Durban; Sojay Haze) and Prime Flower (Double Afghan Chunk; Grapefruit Cookies; Sour Blueberry; Highway Cookies; and Legend 91.) Typically, using the pain cream and a good stretch is enough to barely feel my nephropathy throughout the day, and with dry leaf and vaporization cartridges I am able to manage my back pain and sleep better.

We are thrilled that these products have been working so well for you, Ryan! Everyone here at Cure thanks you for sharing your success story with the cannabis community. As always, we hope this was as inspiring to you as it was to us!