Testimonial Tuesday with Moe

Here is a wonderful Testimonial from Moe Notkin , a PA Medical Marijuana patient. Moe has shared such an inspiring story with us, and we are so happy to share it with the Cannabis Community! Moe was diagnosed with PSTD at at young age and Crohns at age 17. He and his wife also own Rad Ritual & The CBD Bar with a goal of sharing with everyone how CBD can heal.  Thank you Moe, and we wish you continued health and success with Medical Cannabis products!

“My PTSD is a chronic daily battle of non stop anxiety with no trigger needed it’s a chronic fight which I just deal with every minute of every day. My Crohn’s truly is a painful attack on the body. I randomly will have what I call an attack and I am i so much stomach pain i can’t even move.

Cannabis has been the true singular healer for both of my medical conditions. From my 2013 peak of Crohn’s messiness, I was in the hopsital weeky and unable to do much. I have now been able to run a business daily with no hospital visits.

My PTSD is no less horrible, yet I found relief when using cannabinoids! I personally have found many Indica and Indica leaning Hybrids tend to extremely help with the following: Anxiety, mood elevation, restlessness, insomnia and my stomach calming and being able to eat finally. I personally find most Indica’s to my liking for my ailments, along with a few Sativa’s that don’t cause anxiety.

My personal favorite PA MMJ strain currently is Jesus OG Badder or Grape Valley Kush from Moxie. This strain brings me so much mental and physical relief. Next would be Starwberry Fields also from Moxie and last but not least Crescos Alien Bubba.

I prefer concentrates and cartridges. Not only are they more potent which I need for my ailments but my pain and PTSD symptoms get so bad I need the larger amounts of cannabinoids at a time. I take a dose every hour or so along with tincture for underlying management.

I personally feel PA with its testing requirements is top of the line with making sure our meds are pure. Very happy with the results. I have stopped taking the horrible pills to take MMJ as I prefer to first use something that works but also is all natural.

Medical marijuana has saved me and allowed men , women and children alike to live in a comfortable way. It’s truly not the place of our government to choose what medicines are right and wrong as we all are different. It’s time for us to follow others like Canada and nationally legalize. It has potential to help so many that today may be unable to live in a society that doesn’t make them a criminal to feel good.

I currently run The CBD Bar with my wife. We not only supply anyone 18+ with 99.9℅ CBD Cali Grown products but also are here to educate all. Whether just looking to learn about cannabis, terpenes, cannabinoids and how they heal but also how to further the push to end the stigma of cannabis based healing. We are here to educate and answer any questions and our education bar has been growing with each new person we help learn the true powers off the plant.”