Testimonial Tuesday with Michelle

This #TestimonialTuesday, we are honored to focus on a patient named Michelle. Michelle was kind enough to share her story with us. We can’t thank her enough for her willingness to be so open and share her successes with the cannabis community!

“Hi, my name is Michelle. I am a 47 year old wife, mom, and grandmother. I have been suffering with Chronic auto-immune disorders since I was a child, but it was 13 years ago my life started to slowly crumble. I had major abdominal surgery (for weight loss) in 2004 that was majorly botched up by an incompetent surgeon. This led to several intestinal/bowel surgeries to try and correct it, and month-long hospital stays after each one.

This trauma, they say, triggered my Bipolar 2 symptoms. I spent the next 4 years in and out of psychiatric hospitals and intensive outpatient programs. I ended up not being employable and going on disability. I’ve spent 8 years stabilizing on pharmaceuticals with horrible side effects.

Over these past 8 years, I have encountered new health issues and continuing surgeries. Most recently, I had a fall at the end of 2018, resulting in the need of repair on my rotary cuff due to a tear, along with a tendon repair. The excruciating pain after surgery continued for months after. Pain medication (narcotics) were stopped within a week and a half. I was stunned, anxious, and in complete fear. The doctor said his hands were tied. His prescriptions were being monitored. He tried his best with prescription NSAIDS and prescription anti-inflammatories. These had horrible effects on my body, I had to discontinue and use Advil, which began to tear up my stomach as well. He said my Fibromyalgia is what was heightening my pain.

This is when I began to look into MMJ. I knew I could no longer face this daily pain and physical issues. But when I started to do more research on CBD/THC and how it could help my psychological health, I began to cry for joy. My biggest hurdle joining the program was dealing with the conflict in my head and heart about being a Christian and using MMJ. I am not a religious bible thumper but my faith is very important to me. I’m also sure some people in my circle wouldn’t understand. Maybe I’m meant to be the first on this Frontier!”

Michelle’s Diagnosis:

PTSD; Bipolar II Depression; ADHD; Anxiety/Panic/Social Disorder; Intractable Abdominal Pain Intractable Migraines; Osteoporosis; Osteoarthritis; Fibromyalgia; Celiac; IBD; Chronic Nausea; Chronic Insomnia; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Restless Legs; High Blood Pressure

In continuation to Michelle’s story, she provided the following information regarding her dosing and what medications she has tried and had success with. “I almost always get a day cartridge and night cartridge medicine. An additional edible for pm is preferable.”

Michelle often awakes up by 4am with significant body pain, so she uses THC/Indica cartridges and will take a second dose mid-day as needed. Her daytime strains include Great White Shark (Standard Farms), Chocolope (Cresco), Chem Dawg (Cresco), Harlequin 1:1 (Cresco), ACDC 2:1 (Cresco), HarleTsu 2:1 Syringe (Cresco)

At night Michelle uses a THC syringe oil and starts with one drop under tongue 1-2 hours before bed. If needed she will also supplement with a THC Indica cartridge. Michelle has found success with these strains for her nighttime use: Mazar Cartridge or Syringe (Standard Farms), Grand Daddy Purple Cartridge (Cresco), Bubba Kush Cartridge (Cresco), Blueberry Cartridge (Standard Farms), Mendo Breath Cartridge (Standard Farms) and Dream Tincture (Ilera).

Michelle has found relief from the following symptoms since she started using medical marijuana: Migraines: Arthritic pain, Bowel obstruction pain, Shoulder surgery pain, Fibromyalgia pain, Stomach and nausea issues and insomnia. She has found quality of life improvements with increased mental clarity; continued focus, uplifted mood, emotional regulation, dramatically reduced mood swings, improved relationships, reduced panic and general anxiety.

We are thrilled that Michelle has had so much luck from medical cannabis in such a short time period and wish her continued health and success in the future! Please join us in thanking her for being kind enough to share her story. We hope it is as inspiring to you as it is to us!