Testimonial Tuesday with Kevin

Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium, or “S.A.G.E.” as it is lovingly known by its adoring fans, is a strain for the ages. S.A.G.E. is said to be a cross Afghani indica with Haze (though some argue Big Sur Holy over Haze. It has been characterized as an indica with sativa-like effects that would enable it to be used throughout multiple times of the day for a multitude of symptoms. S.A.G.E.’s flavors are likened to that of spice, and sandalwood, with a few reports of citrus. My experience with S.A.G.E. was completely different. This makes sense as not only are tastes subjective, but a strain will vary (even if only slightly) every time it’s grown. I am thankful for this fact, as had my experience with S.A.G.E. been close to that of many of the cannabis reviews across the internet; I feel I would have been sorely disappointed. Thank goodness for the illegitimacy of marijuana reviews on a national level!

Now, let me tell you about my homegirl, S.A.G.E. from Farmaceutical Rx, honey. She is a sassy cocktail of terpenes that lift the tongue and mind upwards through an uplifting canopy of citrus and pine to a warm sun of calm, comfort, and creativity. S.A.G.E. comes on strong hitting around the temples; melting behind and below the eyes as deep relaxation sharpen slightly into an easy cerebral rush. Stress and fatigue are zapped away in a perfectly balanced jolt that will tickle experienced users while not overwhelming the novice. The cerebral effects of this bright queen are accredited to its Haze lineage, while the warm blanket of the cannabinoid-based hug she wraps you in are attributed to the Afghani indica side of its genetics.

The form of which I first met this absolute goddess was in the form of a live resin badder, a rich extract kept live through its extraction process, with a consistency not unlike that of, well, batter, or a moist wax or butter. It was light amber in color, and has a pungent and tropical smell that pricks the inside of the nose. Her taste, as I’ve said before, is a luscious, layered experience of tangerine and tropical fruits with a slight touch of pineapple. Her very balanced effects are fantastic for winding down with a movie at night, or even reorganizing your collectible action figure collection in the early day. This is interesting as the S.A.G.E. Live Resin Badder from Farmaceutical Rx is part of their Inspire line, which revolves around their strains that are more “sativa-like” in effect. It is, indeed, a strain I would recommend for multiple parts of the day; something a little more akin to their “Harmony” line, but as we’ve discussed, a strain can change with every single batch.

If S.A.G.E. was a in a race, she would get at least silver. If she were a portion of mountain; she would be the peak. If S.A.G.E. were one of the last strains of cannabis, well, it wouldn’t be the worst thing, and if you disagree: I would recommend trying her again. She is, after all, a valkyrie of a strain, and in the form of Farmaceutical RX’s Live Resin Badder; it one of the best extracts I have ever tried.