Testimonial Tuesday with Keith G

Grab your tissues, this #TestimonialTuesday patient has been to hell and back.  Keith is a patient in our Lancaster location who suffers from many “invisible diseases”.  He always felt like an outsider at a young age, because he couldn’t quite fall in line due to his ADHD. Later as a teen, Keith was molested, which was his first turn down a road of chaos, struggle and pain related to PTSD.  He later developed spinal stenosis, sacroiliitis, degenerative disc disease and a blood clotting disorder; some of which he was prescribed opiates and benzodiazepines for.  At one point, when Keith was bouncing between state run and private rehab centers, he was taking 1000 mg of oxycontin daily and 10 mg of Xanax daily.  “You’re not an addict until they take your opiates away from you”, says Keith about his struggle with opioid addiction.

Ostracized from family, friends deceased from overdoses, Keith was at rock bottom and thought about committing suicide when a stranger offered him a random act of kindness.  The stranger picked Keith up from the group, hugged him and told him, everything was going to be okay.  “It was the first time I had felt love like that, and it ultimately started me down my path to this new life”, says Keith of this interaction.

As a 40 year old man, Keith found himself holding his medical marijuana certification card and called it a “miracle”.   Through the use of medical cannabis Keith feels he has some control over his life and a relationship with himself that he had never experienced before.  Keith no longer keeps opiates in his home and has been reducing his daily intake.  His advice to other patients is to “listen to your body” when it comes to dosing and products.  Personally, Keith starts his day with Cresco Yeltrah’s RSO in GG#4 or Harle-Tsu and a puff of Standard Farms Mazar cartridge.  Keith has also found that Moxie live products like Lemon Cookies and Viper City OG are handy when his PTSD breaks through, immediately after memory retrieval.  Gratitude and Green Blessings to Keith for sharing this inspiring testimonial.  May we all find the strength to overcome our obstacles and the courage to share our stories!