Testimonial Tuesday with Jade

I purchased a half-gram of Pineapple Kush sauce by FarmaceuticalRx. From the first glance, its appearance is bright yellow, like juice. Its physical form has a sugary, granular-like consistency on top but a little moister all around. When scooping it with a tool, immediately I noticed its soft texture and it was easy to dose and manipulate.

As for the smell, the aroma was reminiscent of Pineapple Express, which is a popular strain because of its taste, effects and possessing the same name as a comedy movie involving Cannabis. It had the identical tropical fruit profile as that strain. Not only was it akin to the smell of that other strain, but the taste was very similar too. The concentrate’s fruity terpene profile was directly noticeable, with undertones of an herbal and piney, almost a faint mint scent as well. The OG profile came through as a secondary profile but still very present. It is the perfect blend of its two parents, OG Kush and Pineapple. OG Kush has always been one of the legendary strains cultivated by the mid-90’s that was a crucial, genetic predecessor to many other strains.

The actual inhale was quite smooth and did not cause much irritation to the lungs nor was there much coughing involved. The THC content was greater than its processor’s other available selections. That is never the prime indicator of an effective cannabis product, merely a guide for dose relative to tolerance. As far as the effects go, it had a pleasant cerebral onset that was uplifting but not jittery. It was more of a clear-headed, focused effect rather than cloudy, like a classic haze. Happy and euphoric feelings rushed in first that quickly turned to a relaxed, calming, stress and anxiety-relieving effect. Those with depression would be interested in this strain. It sent a nice sensation of body pain relief down the spine as expected thanks to a good bit of myrcene content in this particular batch. After taking one smaller-sized, dab-worth dose of it I expected needing to take another one; that thought immediately changed as there was an extra boost of sensation that occurred maybe ten minutes after medicating.

Many old-school cannabis users would call this a “creeper” strain to describe the delayed onset of its peak effects. Some of its side-effects were very negligible and easy to manage. Hunger did set in after use, but this was in the evening before eating a dinner meal. This would be appropriate for those who struggle to enjoy food due to chemotherapy, or other symptoms that also reduce appetite. Dry mouth was most certainly felt, however, this was easily quelled as any experienced medical cannabis user always has a container of water ready, since inhaling anything always can be dehydrating. This was the first time using a concentrate from this newer grower-processor and it can be expressed that it is on-par with the other high-quality companies that create concentrate oils like Cresco, Prime Wellness, and Rythm.