Testimonial Tuesday Russ

This week, we are happy to share one of our regular patients story of success with cannabis capsule products from our dispensary. Russ has shared the following story with us, proving more how  medical cannabis can be beneficial for seizures, along with so many other health conditions! He has had amazing success with Cresco 1:1 capsules containing a high percentage of CBD. The capsules Russ has been using are an even amount of CBD and THC (1:1).
“My first seizure (Complex partial seizure) happened in 2010, occurring more frequently and longer, by month then by week, and stronger each year. I had surgeries in 2015, some with complications, but the occurrence of seizures finally reduced to one every 3-4 months. Throughout this whole time when unconsciousness was for too long a time, many ambulance trips where made to the hospital.
Fortunately for me and all for people with un-treatable issues, Pennsylvania finally approved the use of Medical Marijuana in PA! I started using it this past March, over 6 months ago, and have not had a seizure since then!! I also appreciate the great people working at Cure assisting me in adjusting to the level of CBD and THC that works best for me.”
Thank you Russ for sharing your story with the medical cannabis community!