Testimonial Tuesday Lauren Fiorentino & Family

This #TestimonialTuesday, we are so thankful our wonderful patient Lauren has shared such a beautiful story with us and the Cannabis Community. We wish her continued health, wellness, and success with medical marijuana products! 

“My name is Lauren Fiorentino, I am a 35 year old wife and mother. As long as I can remember I have suffered from pain and muscle spasms. I have always been very clumsy and fell a lot. By age 23 I needed a cane to walk and was misdiagnosed Primary Lateral sclerosis. Considered permanently disabled at age 25, I was no longer able to work. Since then I have been on a journey for answers, leading me from NYC to Johns Hopkins. I Have been tested for ALS and Myotonic Dystrophy. Pharmaceutical drugs never worked well for me, I was constantly vomiting and even had 2 seizures as side effect of conflicting meds. I refused to take the huge pill bottles of pain killers and muscle relaxers as directed in fear of side effects. Most recent temporary diagnosis of Hereditary Spastic Paraparesis is pending genetic test.

In my life I’ve had 7 surgeries, the last 2 resulting in massive infection. In late 2013, after moving here from New York and coming under the care of a new neurologist, an advanced MRI found a spinal syrinx, rare birth defectA neurosurgeon determinedperforming surgery to repair could cause more harm than good. At this time I was pregnant, in my first trimester, with my daughter. It was terrifying enough to become a new mother. All Doctors involved agreed c-section would be safest for all. Six weeks after my daughters birth I wound up with a mass of staph infection beneath my incision. I had an emergency operation, was left open and sent home and put on quarantine for months to heal from the inside, while I was left to care for my baby girl and fight to recover. Most recently, I severed 2 tendons in my hand in Nov 2017. My body had a bad reaction to surgical sutures, it was an agonizing recovery. By March when Cure in Lancaster opened, my hand was still not healed and I wasn’t sure how much more pain my heart could take. Within 48 hours of getting my first dosage of Cresco RSO the infection disappeared, my hand healed and closed. It was truly a miracle.

But regardless what my diagnosis is at this point. Doctors are certain there is no treatment. There is no cure. So I was left on a journey, to at least seek a better quality of life for myself and my family. As a result of what I have endured I also suffer from PTSD and it is a blessing to be able to treat my anxiety, depression, pain and spasticity with one all natural medication that has no negative side effects. Cresco DJ shorts FLO RSO is my lifeline. It helps my pain, spasms, spastic gait, my inflammation, and foggy brain. Along with Alien Dutchess, Sojay Haze, Kosher Tangie, Golden Cobra flower and concentrates for day time use. And heavier indicas like Northern Lights #5, OG#18, and Las Vegas triangle for night time. Illera topical cream helps with my pain and inflammation on my joints. All of this in addition to Dronabinol pills have helped me function better than anything I was prescribed in the past. Before medical marijuana I could not sleep through the night, and all I could think about was how muchlonger could I hang on like this? Now I have hope for the future thanks to Cure and Pennsylvania MMJ.

Forever grateful!

Lauren Fiorentino & Family”