Schedule a Consultation

Due to COVID-19 all consultations will either be by phone or video conference (zoom). We will update your calendar invite with the information needed to access your zoom video/phone conference. Please note that you will need to download the zoom application to your phone or desktop.

  • All patients who are visiting Cure for the first time must have their certification checked by one of our licensed pharmacists.
  • All patients are encouraged to have a consultation with our pharmacists. We accept both walk-ins and appointments, however we recommend setting an appointment for your visit to help reduce your wait time.
  • When planning your visit to Cure, check the effective date and the expiration date on your Medical Marijuana card. We are unable to accept patients before the effective date on their card and cannot serve patients after the expiration date.
  • Patients, please note your certification may expire before your PA MMJ card expires, we are unable to serve patients with an expired certification.

Identification: We look forward to helping find the right medical marijuana for your symptoms or condition. In order to enter the dispensary patients must provide two IDs every time they visit. These are the PA Medical Marijuana ID card and either a PA State ID, a PA Driver’s License, or a US Passport. Please show these at the door when you arrive at Cure.

Visitors: Guests are not permitted in the dispensary. Only patients and caregivers with current, valid PA MMJ Cards will be allowed entry.

Service and Support Animals: Service Animals are always welcome at 
Cure. And while we do love animals, we must think of patient safety
 and comfort. Because Emotional Support Animals are not all trained or regulated under the same standards, we must ask they wait outside.