Schedule a Consultation

First Time Visits:

  • All patients who are visiting a PA dispensary for the first time must have their certification checked by one of our licensed pharmacists. We do accept both walk ins and appointments and setting an appointment for your first visit can reduce your wait time in the dispensary.
  • Please check the effective date on your Medical Marijuana card, we are unable to accept patients until the effective date on their PA Medical Marijuana card.

Identification: We look forward to working with you to help you find the right medical marijuana for you. To help you with this, all patients are required to provide two IDs every time they visit the dispensary. These IDs are the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana ID Card and a Pennsylvania State ID, Pennsylvania Driver's License, or U.S. Passport. Please ensure you have these IDs ready when you arrive as we will need them in order to allow you to enter the dispensary.

Visitors who arrive with a patient without a valid PA MMJ Card will not be allowed entry.