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Medicating by inhalation consists of vaporizing cannabis oil in a cartridge. In recent years, vaporizing has emerged as a popular method of medicating because it has a nearly instantaneous effect, avoids the digestive tract, uses ultra-purified and concentrated medical marijuana, it is virtually odorless, it produces relatively little smoke, and is a discreet delivery system. A variety of effects, flavors, and types of vaporization are expected to be offered.

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Cannabis Pills

The pill forms of medical marijuana is a simple and discreet way to medicate. Pills will likely come in pressed pills and gel caps forms.

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Cannabis concentrates are also known as extracts. These products come in a large variety of forms and are typically more potent. Cannabis concentrates are typically reminiscent of the cannabis strain/s the concentrate was extracted from including the smell, taste, and effects. These concentrates largely vary based on the extraction method including CO2, butane, propane, ethanol, ice water, pressure and heat, Concentrates may include kief, dry sift, full melt, bubble hash, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), rosin, budder, live resin, shatter, crumble, and syrup to name a few.

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Sublingual (under the tongue) is one of the world’s oldest forms of administering medication. Cure expects to carry a variety of tinctures using droppers and sprays as delivery mechanisms.

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Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is created by extracting cannabinoids from marijuana flower and trim. The extraction methods vary and produce different types of oil based on the extraction method. Medicating with cannabis oil is typically done through vaporization or included in edibles made at home which is allowed in the regulations.

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Dry Leaf

Vaporization of dry leaf is the original and most common method of medicating with medical marijuana. Cure carries a wide assortment of lab-tested dry lead strains from Pennsylvania’s top cultivators. To administer via vaporization, inhale through the mouth from a vaporization device for 2-4 seconds, holding the medicine in the lungs for a few seconds, and then exhaling. Allow 20 minutes to pass before redosing. Evaluate response and adjust dosing as needed until optimal dose is found.

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Creams, Gels, & Ointments

Infused topicals are a practical way to medicate without a systemic effect. Topicals typically do not produce a psychoactive effect and can target specific areas needing medicine.

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