Medical Marijuana Strains Explained by Man’s Best Friend

If it is true dogs look like their owners, maybe your medical marijuana strain resembles your dog.


By Sabby Jane

Medical marijuana is widely available in PA, therefore it is high time if you are trying to find relief from any of the 21 qualifying conditions that may benefit from medical marijuana usage, you understand that cannabis cultivars are so much more than just indica or sativa. To enjoy this exploration of strain dominance you must love dogs as we are using breeds to explain typical effects.


Sativa-Dominant Strains

Sativa-dominant strains are much like the toy breeds, they have big personalities, are often loud, and can be anxious at times. Sativa effects include high energy and cerebral experiences. Sativa genetics may announce their presence loudly with aromas of skunk, citrus, and petrol. Like the toy breeds, sativa plants are often susceptible to environmental stress, generally produce delicate flowers, and tend to yield lower weight. Patients medicating with sativas may feel overstimulated, leaving them wanting to hide in their crate. But special patients who know their tolerance may feel like Best in Show!

Sativa hybrids provide energy but are more adaptable than the more sativa-dominant strains. One may compare them to the Giant Schnauzer, Irish Setter, and Russell Terrier. These are highly alert pups, but also trainable and agile. If you are seeking to overcome fatigue, but keep your head out of the clouds, sativa-dominant hybrids are a good choice. Depending on their terpenes and THC content these strains do some great tricks, like pain or nausea relief. Unlike highly sativa-dominant strains, these energizing hybrids won’t have you chasing your tail, instead you’ll still be ready to go when someone mentions a “W-A-L-K”.

Hybrid strains are fun yet able to get the job done. Genetic mutts and purebreds alike provide focus and energy with relaxation of the body and mind. Like happy Golden Retrievers they will play fetch, work as a therapy dog, or just cuddle. Others are bit more focused, like the German Shepherd that may serve on the police force, hang with their families, or guide those with disabilities. Some hybrids are like the Husky, vocal and ready to mush, while others share traits with Boxers, a little silly but clever. Whether herding, sporting, or working, hybrids strains are versatile enough for just about every patient.


Indica-Dominant Strains

Indica-dominant hybrids are the Bulldogs and Italian Greyhounds of medical marijuana. They are playful and alert or completely happy dozing in the sun. Indica-dominant hybrid strains won’t fetch your slippers but will help you feel at ease and cozy. These strains relax both the mind and body, reducing stress and tension with a clear head so you don’t drool on the couch.

Finally we have the indica-dominant strains. Their buds and their effects are much like the Great Dane and Saint Bernard. The plants have broad leaves and large, dense flowers. Their impact is best described as “good boy”, very calm and friendly. Indica-dominant strains are heavy on relaxation; the sedative body-high will make it tough to get you off the furniture. And keep the treats handy if you have a high-THC, heavy indica, it is likely to stimulate appetite.


A Medical Marijuana Strain for Everyone

Of course, dogs may deviate from the breed standard, or end up a beautiful mutt of multiple breeds, so too is the case with medical marijuana. Differences like long or short hair or coat color is due to phenotypes; similar differences exist in cannabis for the same reason. Training can impact breed behavior, just like cultivation environments change potencies or aromas. And there’s always that one dog that doesn’t act as expected, like a friendly chihuahua or a quiet hound, so you could end up with sleepy sativa or uplifting indica. Whether you’re a breed loyalist or want to adopt every pup at the pound, everyone can find a dog to love; and likewise, there are strains to suit every patient.

Shout-out to the American Kennel Club’s website for providing a lot of great breed information!