Featuring Joe on #Testimonialtuesday

This #testimonialtuesday we are featuring a patient, Joe , who is dealing with chronic pain due to a herniated disc plus other neck and back problems.

Joe was prescribed pain pills even prior to his fusion surgery, but after surgery the pain got worse and so did his pill addiction. At one point, Joe was taking 5 pills with a cup of coffee just to get moving in the morning! He eventually needed to buy other people’s scripts to keep up with his need for opiates. Finally, after his baby girl was born, Joe decided he had enough of this vicious cycle and he finally decided to give medical marijuana a try.

We are so happy to say that since receiving his card, Joe HAS NOT TOUCHED OPIATES, and it has been four months! He has found that #Moxie Viper City OG in his nexus qloud helps him get through his day. When the pain is really flaring, he also uses the transdermal patches by Cresco Yeltrah for immediate relief.