For our patients who have a higher risk of infection from COVID-19 or who have mobility issues we offer a curbside pick-up option for your convenience. Available in Phoenixville and Lancaster only.

Curbside Hours of Operation: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

(Available beginning Monday 5/4/20)

  • We have a limited number of spots throughout the day, use the appropriate location specific calendar below to reserve your pick-up time.
  • Please be aware that this service is reserved for patients who are HIGH-RISK or have MOBILITY ISSUES
  • You must arrive to your appointment with exact change for your order – CASH ONLY
  • You do not show up within 5min of your scheduled appointment time
  • You do not place an order through our IHeartJane the day of your appointment
  • You place your order on a day other than the day of your scheduled curbside pick-up
  • If you schedule an appointment for one store but place an order at another store
In order to place an order through curbside please do the following:
  1. Go to our calendar for the store you’re going to shop (calendars below)
  2. Select an appointment day and time that is available - you may choose a day later in the week BUT please place order ON THE DAY OF YOUR APPOINTMENT
  3. Once you have made your appointment on THE DAY OF YOUR SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT - Please place your order through IHeartJane at your respective store
  4. When placing your order check the box that states “I want to pick up my order curbside” and follow the instructions.
  5. In the pick-up instructions you must put MAKE, MODEL, AND COLOR OF YOUR CAR
  6. You will receive a text and email confirmation reminder the day before your appointment and again one hour before your appointment

Lancaster Curbside Calendar

Phoenixville Curbside Calendar