Are pod systems really worth it?

Just like anything related to medical marijuana, it depends on the user. If you haven’t found the strains that are right for you, if you don’t know whether you prefer distillate, CO2, liquid
live resin, or some other alchemy they haven’t discovered yet, you may not want to get tied to a pod system like GPen, PAX or the Dart. However, in PA there are three different grow- processors providing a variety of strains using a variety of extraction techniques, making it more versatile than other systems.

The benefits of the Dart start with the hardware, CCELL makes great products, including many of the 510 threaded cartridges provided by the vendors in PA, and this battery seems to be just as high quality. My dog tried to chew it up and it remained intact. The pod was not as lucky, but thankfully it was only CBD oil. Furthermore, it has a nice weight in the hand and is super sleek. Patients with dexterity issues may really like the Dart because of this, there are no buttons and the pod is large enough for unsteady fingers to insert into the battery, which is held in place with a magnet.

The 500 mg pods provide an easy draw, so easy that some users may run the risk of too much vapor on their first pull, so be cautious. However, patients in need of larger doses of marijuana may enjoy this aspect of the Dart Pods. Flavors come through in each inhalation, whether you are medicating with a strain-specific pod or one flavored with food grade terpenes, providing an enjoyable experience on top of medicinal benefits.

CCELL boasts that the Dart can provide 210 quality inhalations after charging the battery (charges are included with each battery). And they stand by their pods; their choice of materials means a leak-proof experience and complete vaporization of the contents. Who is putting these claims to the test in PA? Currently patients can try Dart Pods and Batteries from Moxie, Standard Farms, and Terrapin (inventory varies by dispensary).

Moxie has a super dope battery, MOXIE inlaid in gold or black on the black Dart battery, and great pods flavors like Blackberry Tea or Mango, which is a 1:1 THC: CBD formulation. Standard Farms is keeping their pod options full spectrum, with CO2 oil extractions of strains like the Black, Ghost Train Haze, and Sour Diesel and their battery offerings are classic black. Terrapin has two types of pods, Crystal Double and their standard distillate, that come high-THC or in 1:1 and 1:2 ratios of THC:CBD, making them a great option for patients who want to medicate with the benefits of medical marijuana with less psychotropic effects.

Overall, PA medical marijuana patients approved to vape have a lot to gain from using the Dart Pod system. They are easy to use, high-quality batteries with a variety of pod options provided by Terrapin, Standard Farms, and Moxie. If you want to enjoy large doses of flavor and medicine, speak to a patient consultant at your dispensary about these pods.

By Sabby Jane