Welcome to Cure

Cure is your home for medical marijuana in the Lancaster, Phoenixville, and Philadelphia areas. We focus on patient access to top quality and compassionately priced medicine. Our patients are guided, cared for, and treated with respect by our highly trained dispensary staff and, at all times, a medical professional is available for patient consultation. The environment you will find at Cure is safe, friendly, and knowledgeable with a commitment to offering the best that Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana market has to offer. Our primary goal is to support a proactive approach to using cannabis as a health management tool and help patients Discover Their Cure Today.

To serve our patients, Cure carries a wide assortment of Department of Health approved medical marijuana in various forms such as vaporization, pill, tincture, oil, topical, and concentrate. All products are tested and cover the spectrum from high-THC to high-CBD. Cure’s team has experience in multiple states where we have provided medical marijuana to tens of thousands of patients since 2010. We look forward to bringing this expertise, experience, and passion to serve the medical needs of Pennsylvania’s residents in the coming months. Please feel free to reach out to us with your questions or comments.