A Cannabis Dispensary Field Trip: Escorting A Parent To The Cure Dispensary, Philadelphia, PA

This second in my series of dispensary visits almost didn’t happen. The original plan was to make a road trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to see how the older residents in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country are accessing the products and services of the Cure Dispensary, their local medical cannabis retailer. But who knew that a journalist would need permission from the Pennsylvania Department of Health in order to visit a dispensary? After waiting three weeks for our application to be processed, I was informed by a dispensary representative that, for some reason we may never know, the request was denied.

But a dispensary visit soon became imperative. After a solo trip to a random downtown Philadelphia dispensary, my eighty-eight year old father returned home with a pure THC tincture – a far cry from the high CBD-low THC product he was looking for. Clearly he needed an advocate to negotiate the dispensary experience. And I would have to temporarily take off my journalist’s hat to assume that role.

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